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*************Read Carefully***************

  1. Sign-ups from January 16th to January 19th, are waitlists, you will be called if any open sessions are available. You can not come down to the Union hall to register. All sign-ups are online. 

  2. A materials fee of $125 for those covered by a CBA and $700 for those not covered by a CBA (non-refundable!) is due by Friday, January 19th at 4 pm to finalize your registration. 

  3. If you register and drop out or get pointed out by the attendance policy, you MUST wait one class cycle before you can register again. If you pointed/dropped out during the July to December 2023 Class you may not sign up for this session.

  4. If you receive an Error, that means the classes are full.

  5. You Only need to come to the Union Hall to pay if you were Called . All sign ups are online.  

  6. If you need to change a session Email: 

Click Here to Register

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