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Attendance Policy:


In the Bartenders Apprentice classes, good attendance is a base expectation and the responsibility of all students. Students are expected to arrive on time and stay the full duration of the scheduled class. Changing sessions will only be allowed if space is available. When a student reaches 5 points, he/she will be dropped from the class.



  • Students will be given 1 point for every absence.

  • If students need to attend a different session it will be on a first come first serve basis.

  • Tardiness: If a student arrives to class late, they will be given .50 a point.

  • If a student shows up later than 15 minutes after the start time, they will not be permitted to stay for class.

  • Leaving early: The class is 3 hours long, if in any situation you need to leave before class ends, you will be given a full point.

  • Showing up early: You may not enter the campus 30 minutes before your class starts time.

  • Cell Phone: If a student is on their cell phone while in class, they will be sent home and given a point.

  • Sleeping: Students caught sleeping in class will be sent home and given a point.

  • Smoking: If a student is caught smoking on campus, he/she will be immediately dropped from the classes.

  • Unprepared: If a student is unprepared for class, he/she will be given a .50 point for the day.

  • Parking: All students must park in parking spaces in the student parking area, extra parking is located behind CALV in the Church parking lot

  • Security: To help create a safe environment, Security can remove anyone who does not follow the CALV rules, Including all Covid protocols.

  • Pay Stubs: Every 5 weeks each student will need to provide a pay stub with: name, position, and hours shown.

  • If you register and drop out or get pointed out by attendance policy, you MUST wait one class cycle before you can register again.



Talking or being disruptive while class is in session, will lead to the student being sent home for the day. There will be no switching of classes two weeks before finals.

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