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Lana Loebig

Lana has been in the Hospitality Business for well over 20 years.  Lana began her career as a manager in some of the most prestigious hotel and casinos operating here in Las Vegas.  Early in her career here in Las Vegas, Lana worked as a Manager at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino, opened up the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino as a Manager in 1996, Opened New York/New York Hotel and Casino as a Bartender, transferred into management at the Luxor, and then opened Mandalay Bay as a Bartender from 1999-2003. During her Bartending days at Mandalay Bay, she was an active Shop Steward finally recruited as an external organizer for the Bartenders Union.  Lana has held many positions at the Bartenders Union:  Lead Organizer; Business Representative; Staff Director; and currently President.

Current Status: 

President – Bartenders Union, Local 165, 2008 to Present

Trustee – Bartenders Union, Local 165, 2002-2008

Trustee – Housing Fund Trust Program, 2008 to Present

Trustee – Tip Earners’ Program,            2013 to Present

Organizer – Bartenders Union Local 165 since 2001

Member – Bartenders Union Local 165 since 1997


(702) 384-7774 Ex 24 

For any questions, please contact me.

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