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Special Meeting March 28th, 2023

Local 165 will hold a special membership meeting on March 28th, 2023. The purpose of this meeting is to read and vote by secret ballot on a proposed dues increase. The meeting will be held at 11 am in the Antilles C Ballroom at the Treasure Island Casino located at 3300 Las Vegas Boulevard South. This is the only business that will be conducted during the special meeting.

The increase will be $20 per month effective May 1, 2023, Which will be put into the Local 165 Strike Fund. This increase will stay in effect until all the 2023 contracts are settled. At that time, the increase will be reduced to $10 a month of which $5 will go into the strike fund and $5 will go into the Local 165 General Fund.

The purpose of this increase is due to all of our contracts expiring and there is a very high likelihood of a Strike.


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