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Our Apprenticeship Program is the first step toward a great profession, but like anything else, it cannot be achieved with just a snap of the fingers.

The learning process requires a specific amount of time to acquire the proficiency needed to become a well-rounded bartender capable of handling not just one but all of the bars involved in a hotel-casino-restaurant operation. It takes about 5 months to complete this class.

To be eligible for the craft examination, you will have to complete 120 hours of classroom instruction while working behind a bar. You must take 2 classes each week. Content is continually updated in order to stay abreast of the latest in our business.

The program covers four principal areas: beer, spirits, wines and cocktails. In addition, we discuss marketing techniques, motivation, service psychology and the importance of not only understanding but also cooperating with your managers and supervisors as well as your peers.

We teach how to identify minors and card them when in doubt. We familiarize you with procedures to handle the very important issue of recognizing when a person has had too much to drink and stopping service. We study body weight charts about how many drinks a person can consume in an hour before being legally under the influence of alcohol.

We go into great depth about personal attitude, appearance and how to provide impeccable customer service.

The basics:

You must sign your apprenticeship agreement and pick a specific class session. You must be employed in the industry as an apprentice bartender. All papers must be signed at the Bartenders Union offices.

You will then proceed through Beers of the World, the Spirit Program, the Cocktail Program and the Wine Program. In all of the above courses, you will be taught not only how to serve, but also a broad overview of the entire operation, from the grape to the glass.

You will be working in a very fine environment and you should be proud in what you are setting out to accomplish for your future.

Remember, nothing comes easy. You must learn your way and, above all, you must earn your way. If not, all of this will be nothing more than an exercise in futility.

What is expected of you at school:

You must observe school hours — you should arrive five minutes before the start of class; coming late will disturb the program already in session.

You must sign in — if you fail to do so, you will receive no credit for your attendance. When class is in session, you should always give the same courtesy you would expect in return, e.g., do not carry on private conversation while the teacher or a student is either explaining or reading a subject. This is not only rude but most distracting. Arriving at school under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances will not be tolerated.

We operate this school in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere. However, we still expect courtesy to and from each other. Also, due to the very busy curriculum, we cannot give to any individual special attention and/or private instruction or make any kind of special arrangement not offered to the entire class.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and offer you best wishes for a bright and prosperous future.



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